Meet Our Team

18 Team Members
  • Dr. Vance Thompson

    Dr. Vance Thompson

    Ophthalmologist Surgeon

    Vance Thompson, M.D. is an internationally recognized ophthalmologist surgeon in laser vision correction (LASIK) and advanced cataract surgery.

  • Dr. John Berdahl

    Dr. John Berdahl

    Ophthalmologist Surgeon

    John Berdahl MD has been honored as one of the top eye surgeons in the world for his expertise in cataract, cornea, glaucoma and refractive surgery.

  • Dr. Michael Greenwood

    Dr. Michael Greenwood

    Ophthalmologist Surgeon

    Dr. Michael Greenwood is a Fargo, ND board-certified ophthalmologist specializing in glaucoma, cornea, and laser vision correction (LASIK) surgery.

  • Dr. Russell Swan

    Dr. Russell Swan

    Ophthalmologist Surgeon

    Leading our Bozeman team, Dr. Russell Swan is passionate about providing his advanced surgical skills in ophthalmology regionally and internationally.

  • Dr. Brandon Baartman

    Dr. Brandon Baartman

    Ophthalmologist Surgeon

    Dr. Brandon Baartman is a board-certified Ophthalmologist practicing at our Omaha location.

  • Dr. Deborah Ristvedt

    Dr. Deborah Ristvedt

    Ophthalmologist Surgeon

    Dr. Deborah Ristvedt is a third-generation, board-certified ophthalmologist leading the team at our Alexandria location.

  • Dr. Scott Morledge-Hampton

    Dr. Scott Morledge-Hampton

    Ophthalmologist Surgeon

    Dr. Scott Morledge-Hampton is a third-generation ophthalmologist bringing specialized cataract surgery and advanced care to patients in Billings, MT.

  • Dr. Daniel Terveen

    Dr. Daniel Terveen

    Ophthalmologist Surgeon

    Dr. Terveen is an active advocate for improvements in patient care. He won the prestigious P.J. Leinfelder Award for excellence in research.

  • Dr. Doug Wallin

    Dr. Doug Wallin


    Dr. Doug Wallin appreciates seeing the difference he makes in his patients' lives through optometric services or refractive and corneal surgical care.

  • Dr. Keith Rasmussen

    Dr. Keith Rasmussen


    Dr. Keith Rasmussen specializes in eye and vision care at Vance Thompson Vision and is very passionate about helping patients enrich their eyesight.

  • Dr. Justin Schweitzer

    Dr. Justin Schweitzer


    Proud to be an optometrist, Dr. Justin Schweitzer is excited to work closely with our experienced eye care team to help our patients in the Midwest.

  • Dr. Jason Schmit

    Dr. Jason Schmit


    Dr. Jason Schmit is well known as an advanced tertiary care optometrist who evaluates and manages adult patients for all oculoplastic surgeries.

  • Dr. Mitch Ibach

    Dr. Mitch Ibach


    In 2014, Dr. Mitch Ibach, one of our seasoned optometrists, joined Vance Thompson Vision to focus on anterior segment surgery care and pathologies.

  • Dr. Mathew Walker

    Dr. Mathew Walker


    Dr. Mathew Walker specializes in the treatment of dry eye and glaucoma, as well as diabetic eye health at Vance Thompson Vision in Alexandria, MN.

  • Dr. Nick Risbrudt

    Dr. Nick Risbrudt


    Dr. Nick Risbrudt is an Optometrist in West Fargo, ND, specializes in anterior segment surgical care

  • Dr. John Goertz

    Dr. John Goertz


    Dr. Goertz specializes in the pre- and postoperative management of refractive and cataract surgery patients and corneal disease and glaucoma cases.

  • Dr. Ceara Steiner

    Dr. Ceara Steiner


    Dr. Ceara Steiner is a specialist in cataract, glaucoma, and cornea surgery.

  • Dr. Larae Zimprich

    Dr. Larae Zimprich


    Dr. Larae Zimprich manages ocular disease, refractive, and pre- and post-operative ocular surgery care.